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Reprogrammable Ferromagnetic Domains for Reconfigurable Soft Magnetic Actuators

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posted on 09.06.2020, 19:15 by Hyeonseo Song, Hajun Lee, Jaebyeong Lee, Jun Kyu Choe, Suwoo Lee, Jee Yoon Yi, Sunghoon Park, Jung-Woo Yoo, Min Sang Kwon, Jiyun Kim
Soft magnetic materials have shown promise in diverse applications due to their fast response, remote actuation, and large penetration range for various conditions. Herein, a new soft magnetic composite material capable of reprogramming its magnetization profile without changing intrinsic magnetic properties of embedded magnetic particles or the molecular property of base material is reported. This composite contains magnetic microspheres in an elastomeric matrix, and the magnetic microspheres are composed of ferromagnetic microparticles encapsulated with oligomeric-PEG. By controlling the encapsulating polymer phase transition, the magnetization profiles of the magnetic composite can be rewritten by physically realigning the ferromagnetic particles. Diverse magnetic actuators with reprogrammable magnetization profiles are developed to demonstrate the complete reprogramming of complex magnetization profile.