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Redox-Sensitive Facet Dependency in Etching of Ceria Nanocrystals Directly Observed by Liquid Cell TEM

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posted on 23.10.2019, 16:44 by Jongbaek Sung, Back Kyu Choi, Byunghoon Kim, Byung Hyo Kim, Joodeok Kim, Donghoon Lee, Sungin Kim, Kisuk Kang, Taeghwan Hyeon, Jungwon Park
Defining the redox activity of different surface facets of ceria nanocrystals is important for designing an efficient catalyst. Especially in liquid-phase reactions, where surface interactions are complicated, direct investigation in a native environment is required to understand the facet-dependent redox properties. Using liquid cell TEM, we herein observed the etching of ceria-based nanocrystals under the control of redox-governing factors. Direct nanoscale observation reveals facet-dependent etching kinetics, thus identifying the specific facet ({100} for reduction and {111} for oxidation) that governs the overall etching under different chemical conditions. Under each redox condition, the contribution of the predominant facet increases as the etching reactivity increases.