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Recyclable, Self-Healing, Thermadapt Triple-Shape Memory Polymers Based on Dual Dynamic Bonds

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posted on 2020-02-12, 16:49 authored by Huan Zhang, Dong Wang, Ningning Wu, Cuihua Li, Caizhen Zhu, Ning Zhao, Jian Xu
Fabricating a single polymer network with a combination of a multi-shape memory effect (multiple-SME), solid-state plasticity, recyclability and self-healing behavior remains a challenge. We designed imine bond and ionic hydrogen bond dual cross-linked polybutadiene (PB) networks. The resulting PB networks showed a triple-shape memory effect, where imine bonds could be used to fix the permanent shape and ionic hydrogen bonds and glass transition acted as the transition segments for fixing/releasing the temporary shapes. Additionally, the dual dynamic bonds offered PB networks outstanding solid-state plasticity, recyclability and self-healing behavior. This strategy provides some insights for preparing shape memory polymers integrating multiple-SME and multi-functionality.