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Reconfigurable Skyrmion-Based Logic Gates: Versatile Design and Full-Scale Implementation

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posted on 2024-01-12, 08:45 authored by Hamza Belrhazi, Mouad Fattouhi, M. Youssef El Hafidi, Mohamed El Hafidi
Herein, we investigate the behavior of skyrmions within a racetrack design incorporating voltage-controlled magnetic anisotropy (VCMA) gates. Our analysis encompassed multiple forces, including spin currents and anisotropy gradients induced by bias voltages. As a result, the efficient control of skyrmion dynamics was achieved across various VCMA gate configurations. Building upon these findings, we propose an efficient approach to reconfigurable skyrmion logic (RSL) in a thin antiferromagnetic (AFM) film through a versatile design. Our RSL harnesses the selective integration of VCMA, spin-polarized currents, and skyrmion–skyrmion (sky–sky) interactions to implement multiple logic gates, including AND, OR, XOR, NOT, NAND, XNOR, and NOR. The design brings a significant advantage with its simplified fabrication process, making the implementation of the RSL practical and accessible for various applications. Furthermore, the RSL enables seamless dynamic switching between logic gates, thereby enhancing its multifunctionality. Additionally, the strategic incorporation of sky–sky interactions and skyrmion-edge repulsion prominently facilitates the realization of complex gates, such as NAND, XNOR, and NOR gates, that typically require intricate design efforts. Hence, this streamlined integration of RSL, coupled with its adaptability to changing computational needs, underscores its potential as a practical solution for implementing high-functionality skyrmion-based logic gates.