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Rational Design of Durable Anti-fouling Coatings with High Transparency, Hardness, and Flexibility

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posted on 2022-06-17, 18:08 authored by Peng Gao, Yanling Wang, Jing Wang, Fushan Wang, Wen Ma, Zhaozhu Zhang, Xuehu Men, Yao Lu
Highly transparent, durable, flexible and smooth coatings with excellent anti-fouling properties have broad applications on cars, windows, and touch screens. However, the coexistence of these multi-functions is difficult to achieve in a single coating material. Here, a coating is developed with excellent performance of high transparency (98.8%), anti-fouling, high hardness (8H), and flexibility simultaneously (TAHF coating). In the material design, methyl etherified melamine formaldehyde resin, hexamethylene diisocyanate trimer, and mono-aminopropyl terminated polydimethylsiloxane (NH2-PDMS) were used as a polymer matrix to provide surface hardness, a cross-linker was used to provide toughness, and omniphobic groups from NH2-PDMS were used to provide anti-fouling performance. The TAHF coating has excellent liquid repellence even after six months of outdoor exposure, 260 h of UV light exposure, and 1500 wear and 2000 bending cycles, and its chemical shielding performance is superior to that of a commercial anti-corrosive coating. This strategy would provide a new route for the design of multifunctional anti-fouling coatings for practical applications.