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Radiolysis and Radiation-Driven Dynamics of Boehmite Dissolution Observed by In Situ Liquid-Phase TEM

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posted on 2022-04-07, 23:03 authored by Lili Liu, Jaehun Chun, Xin Zhang, Michel Sassi, Andrew G. Stack, Carolyn I. Pearce, Sue B. Clark, Kevin M. Rosso, James J. De Yoreo, Greg A. Kimmel
Over the last several decades, there have been several studies examining the radiation stability of boehmite and other aluminum oxyhydroxides, yet less is known about the impact of radiation on boehmite dissolution. Here, we investigate radiation effects on the dissolution behavior of boehmite by employing liquid-phase transmission electron microscopy (LPTEM) and varying the electron flux on the samples consisting of either single nanoplatelets or aggregated stacks. We show that boehmite nanoplatelets projected along the [010] direction exhibit uniform dissolution with a strong dependence on the electron dose rate. For nanoplatelets that have undergone oriented aggregation, we show that the dissolution occurs preferentially at the particles at the ends of the stacks that are more accessible to bulk solution than at the others inside the aggregate. In addition, at higher dose rates, electrostatic repulsion and knock-on damage from the electron beam causes delamination of the stacks and dissolution at the interfaces between particles in the aggregate, indicating that there is a threshold dose rate for electron-beam enhancement of dissolution of boehmite aggregates.