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Propagating Precipitation Waves in Disordered Media

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posted on 2017-11-16, 15:47 authored by Takahiko Ban, Masaru Kaji, Yuichiro Nagatsu, Hideaki Tokuyama
The study presented in this paper investigates form changes of propagating waves generated through precipitation reactions in a gel matrix that possesses an inhomogeneous microstructure. The waves demonstrate form changes from a single ring-like pattern to multiple target-like waves. Subsequently, the waves take up a spiral form and ultimately manifest themselves in the form of a turbulence pattern that intensifies with increasing fluctuations within the gel structure. An investigation into the dynamics of the precipitation waves reveals the existence of an anomalous diffusion. The effective diffusion coefficients are found to increase linearly with the quenching temperature. Further, it is revealed through the analysis of the anomalous diffusion dynamics that precipitation patterns could be adequately controlled by adjusting the permeability fluctuations within the gel structure. The findings of this study lead to a greater understanding of the spontaneous creation of precipitation patterns by a system driven by disorder.