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Programmable Contact Printing Using Ballpoint Pens with a Digital Plotter for Patterning Electrodes on Paper

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posted on 07.12.2018, 10:33 by Veasna Soum, Haena Cheong, Kihoon Kim, Yunpyo Kim, Mary Chuong, Soo Ryeon Ryu, Po Ki Yuen, Oh-Sun Kwon, Kwanwoo Shin
A simple programmable contact printing method using ballpoint pens with silver nanoparticle (AgNP) and carbon nanotube (CNT) ink and a digital plotter were developed for quick patterning of electrodes on paper. This printing method enables sequential and programmable printing with two different inks and with ink consisting of high viscosity materials and is amenable to reproducibility of printed electrodes and customized designs. With this printing method, AgNP and CNT patterns with low electrical resistance and high density of the material can be printed. Using these AgNP and CNT inks, we fabricated disposable electrochemical sensors (ECSs) on paper. The ECSs were successfully used to detect glucose at various concentrations from 0 to 15 mM. The characteristics of the printed AgNP and CNT patterns, such as the printing resolution, surface morphology, and electrical properties, were also studied. The proposed contact printing method opens an avenue for printing paper-based electronics and devices.