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Precise Depletion of Tumor Seed and Growing Soil with Shrinkable Nanocarrier for Potentiated Cancer Chemoimmunotherapy

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posted on 02.03.2021, 21:44 authored by Junxia Wang, Song Shen, Jie Li, Ziyang Cao, Xianzhu Yang
Simultaneously targeting tumor cells and nonmalignant cells represent a more efficient strategy for replacing the traditional method of targeting only tumor cells, and co-delivery nanocarriers have inherent advantages to achieve this goal. However, differential delivery of multiple agents to various types of cell with different spatial distribution patterns remains a large challenge. Herein, we developed a nanocarrier of platinum­(IV) prodrug and BLZ-945, BLZ@S-NP/Pt, to differentially target tumor cells and tumor-associated macrophages (TAMs). The BLZ@S-NP/Pt undergoes shrinkage to small platinum­(IV) prodrug-conjugating nanoparticles under 660 nm light, resulting in deep tumor penetration to kill more cancer cells. Meanwhile, such shrinkage also enables the rapid release of BLZ-945 in the perivascular regions of tumor to preferentially deplete TAMs (enriched in perivascular regions). Therefore, BLZ@S-NP/Pt differentially and precisely delivers agents to TAMs and tumor cells located in different spatial distribution, respectively, eventually having synergistic anticancer effects in multiple tumor models.