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Photoinduced Dual Shape Programmability of Covalent Adaptable Networks with Remarkable Mechanical Properties

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posted on 2022-10-27, 14:38 authored by Chi Chen, Xinkun Zhao, Yujie Chen, Wenshuang Chu, Yuxuan Wu, Yusen Zhao, Pengju Shi, Wenzheng Chen, Hua Li, Ximin He, Hezhou Liu
As classic shape memory polymers featuring shape reconfiguration of temporary state, covalent adaptable networks containing reversible bonds can enable permanent-state reconfigurability through topological rearrangement via dynamic bond exchange. Yet, such an attractive dual shape programmability is limited by the actuation mode of direct heat transfer and poor mechanical properties, restricting its control precision and functionality. Herein, we presented a method to create nanocomposites with photomodulated dual shape programmability and remarkable mechanical properties leading the fields of covalent adaptable networks. MXene, whose photothermal efficiency was revealed to be regulated by the etching method and delamination, was introduced into polyurethane networks. Upon adjusting the light intensity, the dual shape programmability of both permanent and temporary states could be accomplished, which exhibited potential in information recognition, photowriting paper, etc. Furthermore, owing to the dynamic transcarbamoylation at elevated temperatures, such a phototriggered dual shape programmability could be maintained after the self-healing and reprocessing.