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Photoenhanced Patterning of Metal Nanowire Networks for Fabrication of Ultraflexible Transparent Devices

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posted on 13.01.2016, 00:00 by Chang-Hyun Song, Chul Jong Han, Byeong-Kwon Ju, Jong-Woong Kim
Network structures of metal nanowires are a promising candidate for producing a wide range of flexible electronic devices, but only if they can be suitably patterned and retained on various materials. Here we present a new approach to the patterning of metal nanowires by employing intense-pulsed-light (IPL) irradiation to reduce the process to just two steps: irradiation and the subsequent removal of nonirradiated nanowires. This ultrasimple method eliminates the need to employ chemical reagents for etching or improving the adhesion of nanowires, and is compatible with Ag nanowires (AgNWs), Cu nanowires (CuNWs), and most transparent polymers. Furthermore, it is not reliant on additional processes, such as coating, heating, developing, and etching to make a patterned nanowire structure. Using this simple method, ultraflexible and transparent devices such as touch sensor, heater and light emitting diode with an exceptionally high mechanical stability have been successfully fabricated. This new method is expected to be directly applicable to the fabrication of a wide range of high-performance, low-cost, biocompatible, and wearable devices.