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Phosphor-Based Triboelectric Nanogenerators for Mechanical Energy Harvesting and Self-Powered Systems

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posted on 2024-02-27, 10:30 authored by Muddamalla Rakshita, Navaneeth Madathil, Aachal A. Sharma, Payal P. Pradhan, Durga Prasad Kasireddi A.K, Uday Kumar Khanapuram, Rakesh Kumar Rajaboina, Haranath Divi
Exploring different types of materials in triboelectric nanogenerator (TENG) research remains a dynamic and evolving field. This work marks an important milestone in this journey by introducing phosphor material, particularly zinc vanadate (Zn3V2O8, ZVO), into TENG technology for the first time. TENG uses ZVO and silicone films as active triboelectric layers. The fabricated TENG exhibits remarkable performance, producing an output voltage of 515 V and a current of 178 μA, resulting in an impressive power density of 6.9 W/m2. Furthermore, we demonstrate the practicality of this innovation by powering 360 series-connected LEDs and electroluminescent devices with a simple hand tap. In addition, the luminescence properties of ZVO are also investigated. This research work opens up possibilities for multifunctional applications, harnessing the potential of phosphor materials for energy harvesting and beyond.