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Patterns of the Ferrocyanide−Iodate−Sulfite Reaction Revisited:  The Role of Immobilized Carboxylic Functions

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posted on 2008-02-07, 00:00 authored by István Szalai, Patrick De Kepper
We experimentally demonstrate that the standing lamella reaction−diffusion patterns initially observed 17 years ago in a gel-filled open spatial reactor operated with the ferrocyanide−iodate−sulfite bistable reaction requires an upper critical concentration of low-mobility species with weak acid functional groups, a parameter that was overlooked at the time and had made observations difficult to reproduce. The present approach enables the control of the space scale separation between activatory and inhibitory processes. It makes the wealth of exotic pattern dynamics observed earlier easier to reproduce and understand. This contribution should considerably revive the interest in this reaction and boost the search for the control of reaction−diffusion patterns in other bistable systems.