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Organic Single Crystal/Polymer Hybrid Actuator with Waveguide, Low Temperature, and Humidity Actuation Properties

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posted on 2022-10-26, 12:06 authored by Jiang Peng, Chuchu Han, Jiakun Bai, Jinzeng Wang, Xiumian Cao, Junhui Jia, Yifan Wang, Jinnan Wu
Organic single crystal/polymer hybrid actuators that can be applied in extreme conditions such as polar regions and space are extremely important and rare. Herein, we report an extremely simple but efficient strategy to fabricate hybrid organic crystalline materials with low-temperature, humidity actuation, and waveguide properties. First, needle-like crystals composed of 10-(trifluoromethyl)anthracene-9-carbonitrile (TFMAC) exhibited excellent elastic properties in the temperature range of 77–423 K. Second, we prepared a crystal/polymer hybrid by coating a layer of polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) polymer on the crystal surface. Fortunately, the flexible hybrids had wet and low-temperature actuation properties. The mechanical claws made of hybrids could transport objects at low temperature, showing excellent actuation behavior. Meanwhile, organic crystals and hybrids exhibited excellent optical waveguide properties, with optical loss coefficients as low as 0.29–0.45 dB mm–1 before and after bending. This article has opened up new ideas for the design and fabrication of temperature-sensitive flexible composite functional waveguide materials.