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Ordered Magnetic Cilia Array Induced by the Micro-cavity Effect for the In Situ Adjustable Pressure Sensor

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posted on 2022-08-16, 07:07 authored by Wenjun Xu, Xinying Li, Rui Chen, Weiming Lin, Ding Yuan, Da Geng, Tao Luo, Jinhui Zhang, Linjing Wu, Wei Zhou
Cilia are fundamental functional structures in natural biology. As the primary option of artificial cilia, magnetic cilia have been drawing extensive attention due to their excellent biocompatibility, sensitive response, and contactless actuation. However, most of the ordered magnetic cilia are fabricated by molds, suffering from high cost and low efficiency. In this paper, an ultrafast fabrication method of ordered cilia array using the micro-cavity inducing effect was proposed. With the impact of static and dynamic magnetic fields, the fine cilia were first formed in out-cavity area and then converged above cavities forming complete cilia structures. The mechanism of the micro-cavity inducing effect was further revealed. Finally, the ordered cilia array was used to develop the pressure sensor with variable stiffness, making the in situ adjustment of the sensor performance possible. The ordered cilia array was applied as a micro-mixer and largely improved the mixing efficiency for different mediums. The ordered cilia array also successfully served as the info carrier for rapid sub-encryption. This method allows the fast and controlled forming of ordered cilia arrays within 30 s, and the cilia structure can be adjusted in a large range of aspect ratios (1–9), providing an approach to large-scale producing the magnetic cilia for different applications.