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Omnidirectional Deformable Energy Textile for Human Joint Movement Compatible Energy Storage

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posted on 07.11.2017, 00:00 by Joonwon Lim, Dong Sung Choi, Gil Yong Lee, Ho Jin Lee, Suchithra Padmajan Sasikala, Kyung Eun Lee, Seok Hun Kang, Sang Ouk Kim
Omnidirectional deformability is an unavoidable basic requirement for wearable devices to accommodate human daily motion particularly at human joints. We demonstrate omnidirectionally bendable and stretchable textile-based electrochemical capacitor that retains high power performance under complex mechanical deformation. Judicious synergistic hybrid structure of woven elastic polymer yarns with carbon nanotubes and conductive polymers offers reliable electrical and electrochemical activity even under repeated cycles of severe complex deformation modes. The textile-based electrochemical capacitors exhibit omnidirectional stretchability with 93% of capacitance retention under repeated 50% omnidirectional stretching condition while demonstrating excellent specific capacitance (412 mF cm–2) and cycle stability (>2000 stretch). The wearable power source stably powers red LED under omnidirectional stretching that accompanies human elbow joint motion.