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OCEAN: Optimized Cross rEActivity estimatioN

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posted on 2016-09-26, 17:22 authored by Paul Czodrowski, Wolf-Guido Bolick
The prediction of molecular targets is highly beneficial during the drug discovery process, be it for off-target elucidation or deconvolution of phenotypic screens. Here, we present OCEAN, a target prediction tool exclusively utilizing publically available ChEMBL data. OCEAN uses a heuristics approach based on a validation set containing almost 1000 drug ← → target relationships. New ChEMBL data (ChEMBL20 as well as ChEMBL21) released after the validation was used for a prospective OCEAN performance check. The success rates of OCEAN to predict correctly the targets within the TOP10 ranks are 77% for recently marketed drugs and 62% for all new ChEMBL20 compounds and 51% for all new ChEMBL21 compounds. OCEAN is also capable of identifying polypharmacological compounds; the success rate for molecules simultaneously hitting at least two targets is 64% to be correctly predicted within the TOP10 ranks. The source code of OCEAN can be found at