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Multifunctional Thermal Management Materials with Excellent Heat Dissipation and Generation Capability for Future Electronics

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posted on 2019-04-26, 00:00 authored by Chang-Ping Feng, Li-Bo Chen, Guo-Liang Tian, Shen-Shen Wan, Lu Bai, Rui-Ying Bao, Zheng-Ying Liu, Ming-Bo Yang, Wei Yang
Thermal management materials (TMMs) used in electronic devices are crucial for future electronics and technologies such as flexible electronics and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. As future electronics will work in a more complicated circumstance, the overheating and overcooling problems can exist in the same electronics while the common TMMs cannot meet the demand of thermal management for future electronics. In this work, nacre-mimetic graphene-based films with super flexibility and durability (in over 10,000 tensile cycles), excellent capability to dissipate excess heat (20.84 W/(m·K) at only 16–22 μm thickness), and outstanding heating performance to generate urgent heat for electronics under extremely cold conditions are fabricated by a facile solution casting method, and the fabricated composites are proved to be superior multifunctional TMMs for the thermal management in electronic chips. In addition, the application of the paper-like films with high in-plane thermal conductivity to a flexible heat spreader and film heater is demonstrated by simulation using a finite volume method, which shows the high importance of the in-plane thermal conductivity in thermal management of electronics.