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Multifunctional MXene/Chitosan-Coated Cotton Fabric for Intelligent Fire Protection

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posted on 05.05.2021, 12:34 by Binglin Wang, Xuejun Lai, Hongqiang Li, Changcheng Jiang, Jiefeng Gao, Xingrong Zeng
Multifunctional intelligent fireproof cotton fabrics are urgently demanded in the era of the Internet of Things. Herein, a novel high fire safety cotton fabric (denoted as MXene/CCS@CF) with temperature sensing, fire-warning, piezoresistivity, and Joule heating performance was developed by coating MXene nanosheet and carboxymethyl chitosan (CCS) via an eco-friendly layer-by-layer assembly method. Benefiting from the thermoelectric characteristic and high conductivity of MXene nanosheet, MXene/CCS@CF exhibited accurate wide-range temperature sensing performance. When being burned, it could repeatedly trigger the fire-warning system in less than 10 s. More importantly, MXene/CCS@CF showed outstanding flame retardancy because of the synergistic carbonization between MXene and CCS. The limiting oxygen index of MXene/CCS@CF was as high as 45.5%, and the char length was only 33 mm after the vertical burning test. Meanwhile, its peak heat release rate reduced more than 66%. Besides, the obtained fabric could detect a variety of human motions. Moreover, the controllable Joule heating performance enabled the fabric to be used in extreme cold weather. This work provides a facile approach to fabricating a next-generation high fire safety cotton fabric, showing promising applications in firefighting, home automation, and smart transportation.