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Multifunctional Biodegradable Microrobot with Programmable Morphology for Biomedical Applications

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posted on 2020-12-08, 18:05 authored by Gwangjun Go, Ami Yoo, Hyeong-Woo Song, Hyun-Ki Min, Shirong Zheng, Kim Tien Nguyen, Seokjae Kim, Byungjeon Kang, Ayoung Hong, Chang-Sei Kim, Jong-Oh Park, Eunpyo Choi
We described a magnetic chitosan microscaffold tailored for applications requiring high biocompatibility, biodegradability, and monitoring by real-time imaging. Such magnetic microscaffolds exhibit adjustable pores and sizes depending on the target application and provide various functions such as magnetic actuation and enhanced cell adhesion using biomaterial-based magnetic particles. Subsequently, we fabricated the magnetic chitosan microscaffolds with optimized shape and pore properties to specific target diseases. As a versatile tool, the capability of the developed microscaffold was demonstrated through in vitro laboratory tasks and in vivo therapeutic applications for liver cancer therapy and knee cartilage regeneration. We anticipate that the optimal design and fabrication of the presented microscaffold will advance the technology of biopolymer-based microscaffolds and micro/nanorobots.