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Mopping up the Oil, Metal, and Fluoride Ions from Water

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posted on 2017-10-18, 14:34 authored by Tanmay Das, Debasish Haldar
The recycle, cleaning, and reuse of water are highly important for environmental remediation. This issue is addressed by creating a fluorescent zwitterionic spirocyclic Meisenheimer complex with high chelating propensity for toxic metals using low-cost starting materials and a one-pot synthesis technique. The resulting material is able to detect fluoride up to 12.8 ppb level and remove 82% aqueous fluoride from 1000 mL of 100 ppm fluoride solution in a single contact. The material demonstrates rapid kinetics and is capable of dropping the toxic metal ion (Pb/Hg/Cd) concentration below 0.2 ppb within 10 min. A resin-free, precipitation-free, and reusable technique has been developed for the removal of toxic metal ions and fluoride from extremely polluted water. Moreover, utilizing its extreme hydrophobicity, polystyrene sponges have been coated with the Meisenheimer complex to mop up oil spill and organic solvents from a biphasic mixture.