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Metal–Organic Framework-Based Mixed Conductors Achieve Highly Stable Photo-assisted Solid-State Lithium–Oxygen Batteries

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posted on 2023-03-07, 07:07 authored by Xiao-Xue Wang, De-Hui Guan, Cheng-Lin Miao, De-Chen Kong, Li-Jun Zheng, Ji-Jing Xu
The demand for high-energy sustainable rechargeable batteries has motivated the development of lithium–oxygen (Li–O2) batteries. However, the inherent safety issues of liquid electrolytes and the sluggish reaction kinetics of existing cathodes remain fundamental challenges. Herein, we demonstrate a promising photo-assisted solid-state Li–O2 battery based on metal–organic framework-derived mixed ionic/electronic conductors, which simultaneously serve as the solid-state electrolytes (SSEs) and the cathode. The mixed conductors could effectively harvest ultraviolet–visible light to generate numerous photoelectrons and holes, which is favorable to participate in the electrochemical reaction, contributing to greatly improved reaction kinetics. According to the study on conduction behavior, we discover that the mixed conductors as SSEs possess outstanding Li+ conductivity (1.52 × 10–4 S cm–1 at 25 °C) and superior chemical/electrochemical stability (especially toward H2O, O2, etc.). Application of mixed ionic electronic conductors in photo-assisted solid-state Li–O2 batteries further reveals that a high energy efficiency (94.2%) and a long life (320 cycles) can be achieved with a simultaneous design of SSEs and cathodes. The achievements present the widespread universality in accelerating the development of safe and high-performance solid-state batteries.