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Meniscus-on-Demand Parallel 3D Nanoprinting

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posted on 2018-04-19, 00:00 authored by Mojun Chen, Zhaoyi Xu, Jung Hyun Kim, Seung Kwon Seol, Ji Tae Kim
Exploiting a femtoliter liquid meniscus formed on a nanopipet is a powerful approach to spatially control mass transfer or chemical reaction at the nanoscale. However, the insufficient reliability of techniques for the meniscus formation still restricts its practical use. We report on a noncontact, programmable method to produce a femtoliter liquid meniscus that is utilized for parallel three-dimensional (3D) nanoprinting. The method based on electrohydrodynamic dispensing enables one to create an ink meniscus at a pipet–substrate gap without physical contact and positional feedback. By guiding the meniscus under rapid evaporation of solvent in air, we successfully fabricate freestanding polymer 3D nanostructures. After a quantitative characterization of the experimental conditions, we show that we can use a multibarrel pipet to achieve parallel fabrication process of clustered nanowires with precise placement. We expect this technique to advance productivity in nanoscale 3D printing.