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Mapping the Polarization Pattern of Plasmon Modes Reveals Nanoparticle Symmetry

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posted on 2008-08-13, 00:00 authored by Olaf Schubert, Jan Becker, Luigi Carbone, Yuriy Khalavka, Tetyana Provalska, Inga Zins, Carsten Sönnichsen
We study the wavelength and polarization dependent plasmon resonances of single silver and gold nanorods, triangles, cubes, and dimers with a novel single particle spectroscopy method (RotPOL). In RotPOL, a rotating wedge-shaped polarizer encodes the full polarization information of each particle within one image. This reveals the symmetry of the particles and their plasmon modes, allows analyzing inhomogeneous samples and the monitoring of particle shape changes during growth in situ.