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Magnetically Tunable One-Dimensional Plasmonic Photonic Crystals

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posted on 2023-02-27, 16:14 authored by Chaolumen Wu, Qingsong Fan, Wanling Wu, Tian Liang, Yun Liu, Huakang Yu, Yadong Yin
Integrating plasmonic resonance into photonic bandgap nanostructures promises additional control over their optical properties. Here, one-dimensional (1D) plasmonic photonic crystals with angular-dependent structural colors are fabricated by assembling magnetoplasmonic colloidal nanoparticles under an external magnetic field. Unlike conventional 1D photonic crystals, the assembled 1D periodic structures show angular-dependent colors based on the selective activation of optical diffraction and plasmonic scattering. They can be further fixed in an elastic polymer matrix to produce a photonic film with angular-dependent and mechanically tunable optical properties. The magnetic assembly enables precise control over the orientation of the 1D assemblies within the polymer matrix, producing photonic films with designed patterns displaying versatile colors from the dominant backward optical diffraction and forward plasmonic scattering. The combination of optical diffraction and plasmonic properties within a single system holds the potential for developing programmable optical functionalities for applications in various optical devices, color displays, and information encryption systems.