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Lithium Amino Alkoxide–Evans Enolate Mixed Aggregates: Aldol Addition with Matched and Mismatched Stereocontrol

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posted on 19.02.2018, 05:36 by Janis Jermaks, Evan H. Tallmadge, Ivan Keresztes, David B. Collum
Building on structural and mechanistic studies of lithiated enolates derived from acylated oxazolidinones (Evans enolates) and chiral lithiated amino alkoxides, we found that amino alkoxides amplify the enantioselectivity of aldol additions. The pairing of enantiomeric series affords matched and mismatched stereoselectivities. The structures of mixed tetramers showing 2:2 and 3:1 (alkoxide-rich) stoichiometries are determined spectroscopically. Rate and computational studies provide a viable mechanistic and stereochemical model based on the direct reaction of the 3:1 mixed tetramers, but they raise unanswered questions for the 2:2 mixed aggregates.