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Leukocyte-Mimicking Stem Cell Delivery via in Situ Coating of Cells with a Bioactive Hyperbranched Polyglycerol

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posted on 19.02.2016, 05:42 by Jae Hyun Jeong, John J. Schmidt, Richie E. Kohman, Andrew T. Zill, Ross J. DeVolder, Cartney E. Smith, Mei-Hsiu Lai, Artem Shkumatov, Tor W. Jensen, Lawrence G. Schook, Steven C. Zimmerman, Hyunjoon Kong
Since stem cells emerged as a new generation of medicine, there are increasing efforts to deliver stem cells to a target tissue via intravascular injection. However, the therapeutic stem cells lack the capacity to detect and adhere to the target tissue. Therefore, this study presents synthesis of a bioactive hyperbranched polyglycerol (HPG) that can noninvasively associate with stem cells and further guide them to target sites, such as inflamed endothelium. The overall process is analogous to the way in which leukocytes are mobilized to the injured endothelium.