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Large-Scale and Environmentally Friendly Synthesis of pH-Responsive Oil-Repellent Polymer Brush Surfaces under Ambient Conditions

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posted on 13.08.2014, 00:00 by Gary J. Dunderdale, Chihiro Urata, Daniel F. Miranda, Atsushi Hozumi
Contrary to conventional ATRP, aqueous A­(R)­GET-ATRP at ambient temperature without deoxygenating reaction solutions is an extremely facile method to create polymer brushes. Using these techniques, extremely thick poly­[2-(dimethylamino)­ethyl methacrylate] polymer brushes can be prepared (∼700 nm), or reaction solutions can be low chemical-content, consisting of 99% v/v water. Based on these techniques, we have also developed an easy and inexpensive method, referred to as “paint on”-ATRP, that directly pastes reaction solutions onto various large-scale real-life substrates open to the air. The resulting brush surfaces possess excellent oil-repellent properties, which can be activated or deactivated in response to solution pH.