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Large-Scale Spinning of Silver Nanofibers as Flexible and Reliable Conductors

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posted on 22.08.2016, 00:00 by Ya Huang, Xiaopeng Bai, Ming Zhou, Suiyang Liao, Zongfu Yu, Yaping Wang, Hui Wu
Conducting metal nanowires can be assembled into thin films for flexible electronics and optoelectronics applications including transparent electrodes, nanocircuits, and electronic skin, however, the junction resistances and low aspect ratios still limit its performance. Herein we report high-quality silver nanofibers (AgNFs) synthesized by a gas-assistant solution spinning method. Compared with traditional Ag nanowires that usually have lengths below 100 μm, AgNFs are infinitely long and can be easily assembled into large-scale 2D and 3D flexible conductors with fused junctions between nanofibers. The AgNF networks showed high transparency, low sheet resistance (e. g, 6 Ω sq–1 at ∼97% transparency), and high flexibility as transparent electrodes, whereas the 3D AgNF sponge could be used as a deformable and robust 3D conductor.