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Large-Scale Color-Changing Thin Film Energy Storage Device with High Optical Contrast and Energy Storage Capacity

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posted on 03.04.2018, 00:00 authored by Xuesong Yin, James Robert Jennings, Wei Tang, Tang Jiao Huang, Chunhua Tang, Hao Gong, Guangyuan Wesley Zheng
Thin film energy storage technology has great potential in emerging applications. The concept of integrating a smart window and energy storage provides an ideally large area for a thin film battery and a structural power backup for an energy-efficient building. However, due to the limited number of candidate materials, there is still a significant challenge in optimizing the electrochemical energy storage and electrochromic properties. Here we demonstrate a novel nickel–carbonate–hydroxide (NCH) nanowire thin-film-based color-changing energy storage device that possesses a high optical contrast of ∼85% at 500 nm and a superior capacitance of more than 170 mF/cm2 at 10 mV/s, as well as good cycling performance and controllability. Its versatility as a smart energy storage and display device is successfully demonstrated. In addition, the scalable and cost-efficient method for fabricating the NCH material and its compatibility with flexible substrates are also expected to expand its horizon for future applications.