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Labeling and Single-Particle-Tracking-Based Entry Mechanism Study of Vaccinia Virus from the Tiantan Strain

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posted on 02.02.2018, 00:00 by Li−Li Huang, Li−Li Wu, Xue Li, Kejiang Liu, Dongxu Zhao, Hai-Yan Xie
Entry is the first and critical step of viral infection, while the entry mechanisms of many viruses are still unclear due to the lack of efficient technology. In this report, by taking advantage of the single-virion fluorescence tracking technique and simultaneous dual-labeling methods for viruses we developed, the entry pathway of vaccinia virus from tiantan strain (VACV-TT) was studied in real-time. By combining with the technologies of virology and cell biology, we found that VACV-TT moved toward the Vero cell body along the filopodia induced by the virions interaction, and then, they were internalized through macropinocytosis, which was an actin-, ATP-dependent but clathrin-, caveolin-independent endocytosis. These results are of significant importance for VACV-TT-based vaccine vectors and oncolytic virus study.