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Intracellular Dynamics-Resolved Label-Free Scattering Reveals Real-Time Metabolism of Single Bacteria

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posted on 2023-08-31, 13:03 authored by Jungwoo Kim, Soo Bin Ahn, Subin Hong, Kwang-sun Kim, Esther Ha-eun Ko, I Jeong Jo, JuOae Chang, Meehyein Kim, Wonsik Lee, Haemi Lee
Nanoscopic investigation of bacterial cells is essential to reveal their physiological status, impacting all cellular functions. Currently, this requires labeled probes or targeted staining procedures. Herein, we report a new bacterial feature, intracellular dynamics-resolved Rayleigh scattering (IDRS), that visualizes spatiotemporal cytoplasmic transitions in unlabeled bacteria and characterizes their real-time physiological status in 10 s. From single-bacterium IDRS signals, we discovered unique spatial patterns and their multiple transitions in Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria. The magnitude of IDRS signal variation highly correlated with the metabolic status of bacteria, differentiating persistent subpopulations. This is also the first report demonstrating distinct real-time metabolic conditions of unlabeled drug-resistant bacteria that are exposed to different doses of antibiotics. Our strategy opens up a way to simultaneously trace in situ metabolic and antibiotic resistance statuses, which can be applied in single-cell level control of bacterial metabolism and efficacy with a heterogeneous nature.