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Interfacial Assembly and Jamming of Soft Nanoparticle Surfactants into Colloidosomes and Structured Liquids

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posted on 2022-11-28, 11:17 authored by Beibei Wang, Bangqi Yin, Hao Yu, Zhao Zhang, Guan Wang, Shaowei Shi, Xinggui Gu, Wantai Yang, Ben Zhong Tang, Thomas P. Russell
Nanoparticle surfactant (NPS) offers a powerful strategy to generate all-liquid constructs that integrate the inherent properties of the NPs into 3D architectures. Here, using the co-assembly of fluorescent polymeric nanoparticles and amine-functionalized polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane, the assembly and jamming behavior of a new type of NPS at the oil–water interface is uncovered. Unlike “solid” inorganic nanoparticles, “soft” polymeric nanoparticles can reorganize when jammed, leading to a relaxation and deformation of the interfacial assemblies, for example, the 3D printed sugar-coated haw stick-like liquid tubules. With NPS serving as emulsifiers, stable Pickering emulsions are prepared that can be converted into robust colloidosomes with pH responsiveness, showing numerous potential applications for encapsulation and controlled release.