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Inkjet-Printed Multiwavelength Thermoplasmonic Images for Anticounterfeiting Applications

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posted on 30.01.2018, 00:00 by Hongki Kang, Jee Woong Lee, Yoonkey Nam
Inkjet printing of thermoplasmonic nanoparticles enables instantaneous, large-area heat pattern generation upon light illumination from distance. By printing multiple metal nanoparticles of different shapes overlaid, we can fabricate multiwavelength thermoplasmonic images, which generate different heat patterns from a single printed image depending on the wavelength choice of light. In this work, we propose a novel multiwavelength thermoplasmonic image printing process that can be used for anticounterfeit technology. With this technology, “printed thermoplasmonic labels” allow fully secured anticounterfeit inspection procedure. Input stimulus of near-infrared or infrared light illumination and output signal reading of thermal patterns can be both completely invisible. Wavelength selective photothermal effect also enables the encryption of the contained information, which adds more complexity and thus higher security.