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Indoor Photovoltaics: Photoactive Material Selection, Greener Ink Formulations, and Slot-Die Coated Active Layers

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posted on 27.11.2019, 18:01 by Sergey V. Dayneko, Majid Pahlevani, Gregory C. Welch
Strong visible light absorption is essential to achieve high power conversion efficiency in indoor organic photovoltaics (iOPVs). Here, we report iOPVs that exhibit high efficiency with high voltage under excitation by low power indoor lighting. Inverted type organic photovoltaic devices with active layer blends utilizing the polymer donor PPDT2FBT paired with fullerene, perylene diimide, or ring-fused acceptors that are 6.5–9.1% efficient under 1 sun are demonstrated to reach efficiencies from 10 to 17% under an indoor light source. This performance transcends that of a standard silicon photovoltaic device. Moreover, we compared iOPVs with active layers both spin-cast and slot-die cast from nonhalogenated solvents and demonstrate comparable performance. This work opens a path towards high-efficiency iOPVs for low power electronics.