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Impact of Structural Deformations on the Performance of Li-Ion Insertion Hosts

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posted on 2022-05-17, 14:14 authored by Jessica L. Andrews, Michael J. Brady, Eric T. McClure, Brent C. Melot
Over the course of more than three decades, Li-ion batteries have come to revolutionize the way we store and transport energy. These incredibly compact electrochemical devices rely fundamentally on the ability to reversibly insert lithium ions into densely packed arrangements of atoms. Of the tens of thousands of materials reported in the structural databases, only a very small number have been shown to be capable of accommodating the kind of fast ionic diffusion necessary to operate in practical devices. In honor of John B. Goodenough’s 100th birthday, this perspective will overview the current understanding of the kinds of structural features that help and/or hurt fast lithium ion transport through insertion hosts, with a particular focus on the role that the rotation of rigid subunits plays in the movement of lithium through the solid state.