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Highly Efficient, Environmentally Friendly Lignin-Based Flame Retardant Used in Epoxy Resin

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posted on 04.12.2020, 13:33 by Peng Dai, Mengke Liang, Xiaofeng Ma, Yanlong Luo, Ming He, Xiaoli Gu, Qun Gu, Imtiaz Hussain, Zhenyang Luo
We prepared novel flame retardants with concurrent excellent smoke-suppression properties based on lignin biomass modified by functional groups containing N and P. Each lignin-based flame retardant (Lig) was quantitatively added to a fixed amount of epoxy resin (EP), to make a Lig/EP composite. The best flame retardancy was achieved by a Lig-F/EP composite with elevated P content, achieving a V-0 rating of the UL-94 test and exhibiting excellent smoke suppression, with substantial reduction of total heat release and smoke production (by 46.6 and 53%, respectively). In this work, we characterized the flame retardants and the retardant/EP composites, evaluated their performances, and proposed the mechanisms of flame retardancy and smoke suppression. The charring layer of the combustion residual was analyzed using SEM and Raman spectroscopy to support the proposed mechanisms. Our work provides a feasible method for lignin modification and applications of new lignin-based flame retardants.