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High Performance Bubble Manipulation on Ferrofluid-Infused Laser-Ablated Microstructured Surfaces

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posted on 22.06.2020, 18:34 by Suwan Zhu, Yucheng Bian, Tao Wu, Chao Chen, Yunlong Jiao, Zhiwu Jiang, Zhouchen Huang, Erqiang Li, Jiawen Li, Jiaru Chu, Yanlei Hu, Dong Wu, Lei Jiang
Manipulation of gas bubbles in an aqueous ambient environment is fundamental to both academic research and industrial settings. Present bubble manipulation strategies mainly rely on buoyancy or Laplace gradient forces arising from the sophisticated terrain of substrates. However, these strategies suffer from limited manipulation flexibility such as slow horizontal motion and unidirectional transport. In this paper, a high performance manipulation strategy for gas bubbles is proposed by utilizing ferrofluid-infused laser-ablated microstructured surfaces (FLAMS). A typical gas bubble (<2 μL) can be accelerated at >150 mm/s2 and reach an ultrafast velocity over 25 mm/s on horizontal FLAMS. In addition, diverse powerful manipulation capabilities are demonstrated including antibuoyancy motion, “freestyle writing”, bubble programmable coalescence, three-dimensional (3-D) controllable motion and high towing capacity of steering macroscopic object (>500 own mass) on the air–water interface. This strategy shows terrain compatibility, programmable design, and fast response, which will find potential applications in water treatment, electrochemistry, and so on.