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High-Performance Electronic Cloth for Facilitating the Rehabilitation of Human Joints

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posted on 31.05.2019, 00:00 authored by Fan Wu, Congju Li, Ran Cao, Xinyu Du
The concern about easily characterizing the conditions of human joints to facilitate rehabilitation during recovery training has been out of sight, even though it is acknowledged that timely recovering functions of injured joints is a must. To facilitate the situation to be addressed, a stretchable, air-permeable electronic cloth (SApEC) was fabricated by electrostatic spinning and hot-pressing. The SApEC consists of conductive-elastic fabric Ag and composite nanofibrous membrane (CNFM) with components of poly­(vinylidene fluoride-co-hexa-fluoropropyiene) and thermoplastic urethane. The electronic cloth not only owns chemical stability and ultralight weight, but scavenges triboelectric signals from joint movements. These characters allow the SApEC to be an easy and convenient indicator to indicate the activity of joints, when users get rehabilitation training in non-hospital places. With the assistance of several electronic components, the SApEC could control alarms, such as a warning lamp. This favorable ability allows the SApEC to make alerts, once users face any accidents again, like sudden fall or heart failure. Given the advantages mentioned above, it is reasonable to believe that the SApEC has a promising prospect in portable and wearable electronics, involving indicating rehabilitation of joints and keeping an eye on users’ safety.