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High-Efficient Fog Harvest from a Synergistic Effect of Coupling Hierarchical Structures

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posted on 2022-07-07, 10:31 authored by Kaiteng Zhang, Huawei Chen, Tong Ran, Liwen Zhang, Yi Zhang, Dengke Chen, Yan Wang, Yurun Guo, Guang Liu
Fog harvesting is an important method to solve the water shortage in arid and semi-arid areas by collecting water from air. Improving fog harvesting efficiency is still a big challenge to be overcome. Herein, under the inspiration of natural creatures, a novel harvesting structure that couples a hierarchical microchannel (HMC) needle with the Janus membrane by taking a conical pore as their junction is proposed. Such an HMC-conical pore-Janus membrane system can improve the harvesting efficiency by regulation of liquid behavior in the whole fog harvesting process involving droplet capture from air, high speed transport on the microchannel, and droplet detachment from Janus. The synergistic effects of the hierarchical channel-conical pore-Janus structure are exploited in terms of capture, transport, and detachment capabilities, and their underlying mechanism to enhance fog harvesting efficiency is built. Compared with the traditional harvesting structure, the proposed hierarchical channel-conical-Janus coupling mode was demonstrated to improve fog harvesting efficiency by 90%. Such a coupled system has potential applications in efficient fog harvesting systems, microfluidic devices, and liquid manipulation.