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Heterogeneous Contraction-Mediated Asymmetric Carbon Colloids

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posted on 29.07.2019, 12:38 by Zhenhui Liu, Hao Song, Yunlong Zhao, Ruhan He, Jiashen Meng, Qiang Yu, Kwadwo Asare Owusu, Chengzhong Yu, Dongyuan Zhao, Liang Zhou, Liqiang Mai
Introducing asymmetry in carbon colloids can enrich their already broad merits; however, the tailored synthesis of asymmetric carbon colloids remains a great challenge. Herein, we report the synthesis of asymmetric semi-yolk–shell carbon spheres (semi-YSCS) with rich N-doping (3.9 at%), raspberry-like rough surface, abundant mesopores, and uniform particle size (∼600 nm). An interface-induced heterogeneous contraction mechanism is proposed. The unique structural features endow the semi-YSCS a high specific capacitance (283 F g–1 at 1 A g–1), favorable cycling stability, and superior rate performance in aqueous supercapacitors. This work provides new insights into the rational design of asymmetric carbon colloids.