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Heterodiazocines: Synthesis and Photochromic Properties, Trans to Cis Switching within the Bio-optical Window

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posted on 2016-09-29, 00:00 authored by Melanie Hammerich, Christian Schütt, Cosima Stähler, Pascal Lentes, Fynn Röhricht, Ronja Höppner, Rainer Herges
Diazocines, bridged azobenzenes, exhibit superior photophysical properties compared to parent azobenzenes such as high switching efficiencies, quantum yields, and particularly switching wavelengths in the visible range. Synthesis, however, proceeds with low yields, and derivatives are difficult to prepare. We now present two heterodiazocines which are easier to synthesize, and the general procedures should also provide facile access to derivatives. Moreover, both compounds can be switched with light in the far-red (650 nm). Accessibility and photophysical properties make them ideal candidates for applications such as photoswitchable drugs and functional materials.