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Global Tuning of Local Molecular Phenomena:  An Alternative Approach to Bionanoelectronics

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posted on 26.10.2006, 00:00 by Anirban Bandyopadhyay, K. Nittoh, Y. Wakayama, S. Yagi, K. Miki
We have applied simultaneous horizontal and vertical bias to a single molecule (2 nm2) in an ordered and disordered matrix to virtually isolate and tune its property without taking it out physically from its environment. Using a dedicated electrode system, we have locally tuned nanoscale properties vertically by STM, while stabilizing its environment by applying a global electric field horizontally. Using this technique, we report tuning of molecular conformations in room temperature, whose evolution of states has been statistically investigated. We have also shown control on switching of a few selected conformations by applying dual bias simultaneously. As we avoid any direct injection of charge into the system via electrode contact, this technique could be used as a generalized method to tune phenomena evolved in an environment of weak interaction from a large distance without destroying the property.