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Functional Graphenic Materials That Seal Condenser Tube Leaks in Situ

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posted on 2019-05-22, 00:00 authored by Anne M. Arnold, Kurtis R. Crytzer, Brian D. Holt, Stefanie A. Sydlik
Undesirable condenser tube leaks frequently occur in power plants, resulting in reduced power output, increased burden on downstream systems, and substantial revenue losses. Current techniques such as wood flour provide temporary in situ remediation but lack adhesive properties to form stable seals. Here, we report the development of in situ sealants for long-term defect repair. The carboxylic acids on graphene oxides and Claisen graphene were used as chemical handles to covalently install a bio-inspired, adhesive catechol, generating a class of functional graphenic material (FGM) sealants. FGM sealants outperformed unfunctionalized scaffolds with enhanced antimicrobial activity to prevent fouling (up to 55% reduction) and superior cohesive properties to promote stable seals. Further, FGM sealants were adhesive, effectively sealing defects in a model experiment, whereas unfunctionalized scaffolds did not display any sealant capacity.