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Functional Electrical Stimulation by Nanogenerator with 58 V Output Voltage

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posted on 13.06.2012, 00:00 by Guang Zhu, Aurelia C. Wang, Ying Liu, Yusheng Zhou, Zhong Lin Wang
We demonstrate a new type of integrated nanogenerator based on arrays of vertically aligned piezoelectric ZnO nanowires. The peak open-circuit voltage and short-circuit current reach a record high level of 58 V and 134 μA, respectively, with a maximum power density of 0.78 W/cm3. The electric output was directly applied to a sciatic nerve of a frog, inducing innervation of the nerve. Vibrant contraction of the frog’s gastrocnemius muscle is observed as a result of the instantaneous electric input from the nanogenerator.