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Fully Repairable Slippery Organogel Surfaces with Reconfigurable Paraffin-Based Framework for Universal Antiadhesion

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posted on 19.08.2020, 16:09 authored by Minglong Yan, Rongrong Chen, Chunhong Zhang, Qi Liu, Gaohui Sun, Jingyuan Liu, Jing Yu, Cunguo Lin, Jun Wang
Constructing a slippery lubricant-infused surface (SLIS) whose internal microstructure and surface properties can be fully repaired helps to improve its property stability and extend technological implications but has presented a huge challenge. A class of fully repairable slippery organogel surfaces (SOSs), which uses microstructured paraffin as reconfigurable supporting structure and silicone oil as lubricant dispersion medium, is reported here. Attributed to nearly 90 wt % of silicone oil stored in the slippery organogel system and good compatibility with the paraffin-based framework, SOSs combine continuous lubricity and reliable lubricant storage stability. Furthermore, the thermally sensitive paraffin-based framework can quickly switch between solid supporting structure and liquid solution according to the ambient temperature, thereby achieving rapid regeneration of microstructure. This unique system consisting of reconfigurable framework and flowable lubricant derives two types of repairs aimed at varying degrees of damage. Significantly, the easy-to-prepare SOS, on the other hand, allows the adoption of various substrate surfaces for different purposes to form an antiadhesion coating and exhibits excellent antistain, antialgae, and anti-icing performance, thus greatly improving the flexibility of such materials in practical applications.