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Free-Standing Plasmonic Chiral Metamaterials with 3D Resonance Cavities

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posted on 2018-10-18, 00:00 authored by Zengyao Wang, Bin Ai, Ziwei Zhou, Yuduo Guan, Helmuth Möhwald, Gang Zhang
Hollow nanocone array (HNCA) films (cm × cm), composed of two Ag and Au nanoshells, are fabricated via a low-cost and efficient colloidal lithography technique. The relative position of the Ag and Au nanoshells can be controlled to generate various chiral asymmetries. A pronounced chiroptical response is observed in the ultraviolet–visible region with the anisotropy factor up to 10–1, which is rooted in the asymmetric current oscillations and electric field distributions. Beyond previous reports on plasmonic chiral metamaterials, the HNCA can be free-standing and further transferred to other functional and flexible substrates, such as polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS), highly curved surfaces, prepatterned films, and hydrogels, while keeping the original features. The good transferability would make HNCA more flexible in specific applications. Furthermore, the chiral HNCAs offer a series of chiral resonance cavities, which are conducive for the research of chiral sensing, confinement, chiral signal transmission, and amplification. Overall, this work provides a scalable metamaterial to tune the plasmonic chiral response, and HNCA would be a promising candidate of the components in chiral optical devices and sensors.