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Fluorinated Metal–Organic Coatings with Selective Wettability

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posted on 2021-06-25, 17:05 authored by Shuaijun Pan, Joseph J. Richardson, Andrew J. Christofferson, Quinn A. Besford, Tian Zheng, Barry J. Wood, Xiaofei Duan, Maximiliano Jesus Jara Fornerod, Christopher F. McConville, Irene Yarovsky, Stefan Guldin, Lei Jiang, Frank Caruso
Surface chemistry is a major factor that determines the wettability of materials, and devising broadly applicable coating strategies that afford tunable and selective surface properties required for next-generation materials remains a challenge. Herein, we report fluorinated metal–organic coatings that display water-wetting and oil-repelling characteristics, a wetting phenomenon different from responsive wetting induced by external stimuli. We demonstrate this selective wettability with a library of metal–organic coatings using catechol-based coordination and silanization (both fluorinated and fluorine-free), enabling sensing through interfacial reconfigurations in both gaseous and liquid environments, and establish a correlation between the coating wettability and polarity of the liquids. This selective wetting performance is substrate-independent, spontaneous, durable, and reversible and occurs over a range of polar and nonpolar liquids (60 studied). These results provide insight into advanced liquid–solid interactions and a pathway toward tuning interfacial affinities and realizing robust, selective superwettability according to the surrounding conditions.