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Flexible and Strong Robust Superhydrophobic Monoliths with Antibacterial Property

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posted on 2020-10-07, 22:04 authored by Huanhuan Wang, Keli Wang, Haitao Lu, Ivan P. Parkin, Xia Zhang
The self-cleaning properties of water-repellent super­hydro­phobic surfaces hinder bacterial adhesion. However, one of the most critical issues for super­hydro­phobic surfaces is the durability or stability of the water-repellent property, since the micro- or nanoscale structures on super­hydro­phobic surfaces are fragile and can be easily destroyed. Once the super­hydro­phobicity is lost, the surface anti-adhesion and antibacterial properties will decline. In this work, we present a large-scale fabrication of free-standing silicone-based composite monoliths with strong robust super­hydro­phobic properties under abrasion, stretching, bending, twisting, knife-scratch, high external pressure and low temperature. The water-repellent property prevents bacteria adhesion, and the addition of antimicrobial particles will further kill any surface-attached bacteria. The general fabrication can be extended to other elastic silicone-based antibacterial materials on a large scale, which are potentially advantageous in practical applications.