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Flexible Ag2Se Thermoelectric Films Enable the Multifunctional Thermal Perception in Electronic Skins

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posted on 2024-02-02, 05:30 authored by Huangshui Ma, Shiyu Pu, Hao Wu, Shiyu Jia, Jiamin Zhou, Hao Wang, Wangta Ma, Zegao Wang, Lei Yang, Qiang Sun
Skin is critical for shaping our interactions with the environment. The electronic skin (E-skin) has emerged as a promising interface for medical devices to replicate the functions of damaged skin. However, exploration of thermal perception, which is crucial for physiological sensing, has been limited. In this work, a multifunctional E-skin based on flexible thermoelectric Ag2Se films is proposed, which utilizes the Seebeck effect to replicate the sensory functions of natural skin. The E-skin can enable capabilities including temperature perception, tactile perception, contactless perception, and material recognition by analyzing the thermal conduction behaviors of various materials. To further validate the capabilities of constructed E-skins, a wearable device with multiple sensory channels was fabricated and tested for gesture recognition. This work highlights the potential for using flexible thermoelectric materials in advanced biomedical applications including health monitoring and smart prosthetics.